Rehabilitation aims at bringing back the mobility to the patient, enabling them to return to work and normal, active life. Rehabilitation may prove to be necessary because of the experienced trauma, disease, injury, long term conditions. It is integral part of the patient’s treatment.

JOPA Clinic uses various types of medical equipment necessary in treatment and rehabilitation, the Clinic offers shockwave, pneumatic compression massage, high energy laser, ultrasound, lasertherapy, electrotherapy, magnetic field, cryotherapy. Physiotherapists use modern rehabilitation tables, podoscopes and various equipment supporting rehabilitation.

Our team of physiotherapist is very well qualified and provides a wide expertise. All therapists attend reguar trainings in Poland and abroad. Patients can be looked after with utmost care, as each therapist specialises in a different area.



Monika Bielicka-Dąbrowska
monika bielicka

Physiotherapist specialising in soft tissues, spine and peripheral joints.

Michał Paśniewski
michal pasniewski

Physiotherapist specialising in soft tissues, peripheral joints and spine.

Roksana Piekarska-Kozłowska
roksana piekarska kozlowska2

Physiotherapist specialising in knee, ankle, hip, shoulder joint as well as spine..

Anna Wakulewicz-Zakrzewska
anna wakulewicz

Physiotherapist specialising in peripheral joints, scoliosis and fascial structures.

Natalia Więckowska
natalia wieckowska

Physiotherapist specialising in soft tissues, spine and peripheral joints.

Michał Wszelaki
michal wszelaki

physiotherapist, specialising in spine and shoulders

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